The B&B Advantage

The B&B Advantage

For anyone who wants to make the most out of a holiday vacation, without a lot of trial-and-error based on items in a visitor’s guide, staying at a B&B is the way to go.

Not only do B&Bs offer a home-like setting–with each being unique in its layout, setting, décor, and offerings–but there is so much more to the experience than just a bed and breakfast.

Members of the Comox Valley Association of Bed & Breakfasts and Vacation Rentals are hosts who are sincerely interested in sharing what they love about the Comox Valley with guests from near and far.

In essence, you have a new friend to help you explore an unfamiliar area, in that a B&B host becomes your personal ambassadors and concierges to ensure you find the “best of the best” from the local’s perspective and based on your interests and time available in the area.

Each Bed and Breakfast in our association is unique, and the locations can vary from within the town or city to beachfront properties, rural or farm surroundings. Many in the Comox Valley have wonderful ocean and or mountain views. Others have fantastic flower and or vegetable gardens where fresh berries are picked for breakfast. B&B owners are proud of their homes, and you will find attention to detail in many of them.

The Hosts, who usually own the property, also reside on the property. There are usually 2 or 3 rooms available for booking, which allows the host to provide you with personalized service.

While breakfast is usually included in the price of a B&B room, it can vary significantly from one property to the other. Some offer a fully cooked hot breakfast, yet others offer continental or simply stock the refrigerator and pantry to allow guests to prepare their own breakfast.

Hosts are happy to accommodate special diets, so please be sure to advise the hosts of any dietary restrictions, needs, or allergies (ideally when you book your reservation, so they can be sure to have what you need on hand when you get there).

Tidbits About the B&B Advantage

All our accommodations have been inspected to ensure a consistently high standard while you are on vacation or at work; for short or long term stays. That means peace-of-mind to you!

  • While the friendships that often develop between guests and hosts are priceless to many, there are often additional savings by staying in a B&B over a hotel.

    • Taxes are lower (no hotel taxes here).
    • Local calls are not charged.
    • Breakfast is included.
    • Parking is free.

    Additional benefits include other conveniences, such loan of beach chairs or coolers. Hosts can often provide you with items you may forget– a Band-Aid, aloe vera for sunburn, heating pad, or a cork screw. Your Hosts are knowledgeable of the area and can help you with your travel and sightseeing plans– often being aware of places that are hidden away and known only to the locals.

  • When checking in at the B&B, remember it is also the home of the host. It is respectful to adhere to the check-in times posted on their website or pre-arrange something else that works for you and for the host. In the event you find yourself arriving early or later than agreed upon, please contact your Host and advise them, as they will be worrying about you or may still be preparing your room.

    The check-out time is posted on the websites and should be verified with the Host. If you must leave early to catch a flight or ferry, the Host may have to make special arrangements for an early breakfast or a to-go breakfast for you.
    It is also important to leave by the check-out time, especially during peak season (June-September), as the Host must prepare your room for the next guests’ arrival.

  • Most B&Bs will ask for a credit card to secure your reservations, so please take note of their cancellation policy to avoid any confusion. Once they have taken your reservation, they are turning away potential bookings for that particular room. Many of the B&B details will be found on their respective websites, but if you have questions email or call.
    • “En suite” refers to a bathroom that is private and within the sleeping room.
    • “Private” means it is for the sole use of a sleeping unit, but may be outside of the room and down the hall, so check, since some hosts use the term “private” and “en suite” interchangeably.
    • “Private Adjacent” is for the sole use of the sleeping unit, but is immediately outside the room.
    • “Shared/Semi Private” is shared with more than one room, but each room would be supplied with its own towels.

  • To be part of the B&B Association, each property has complied with a rigorous inspection. Included in that inspection is room security. Each B&B room must have a lock on the door for your privacy and safety. If your room is in the house (and not an outside entrance or in a different wing), the entrance to the main house may require a key or have a combination pad with a pre-selected code for you.

    Many women, especially when traveling alone, prefer the B&B, which feels safer and more home-like than a hotel or motel where there is such anonymity.

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